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Lowe: Nets turned down Cavs’ offer for Dinwiddie

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In a post-deadline podcast between Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst about the Cavaliers big moves Thursday, Lowe said Cleveland had offered their first round pick, which would be a late pick, to the Nets for Spencer Dinwiddie, but the Nets said no.

Here’s the exchange about Dinwiddie and Jeremy Lin’s decision to opt in so far ahead of the deadline for player options.

ZL: One little wrinkle about who the Cavs chased with their first round pick. The Cavs had talks with the Nets about Spencer Dinwiddie. Like ... would the Nets take our pick for Dinwiddie.

The Nets wanted a LOT for Dinwiddie.

I love the thinking though. A) Dinwiddie has been pretty good, fills a need and B) take him off the Nets and what does that do for the Nets’ pick that we own.

Thats a fun one. A fun one.

BW: In terms of Nets business, what about Jeremy Lin picking up his contract for next year ... yesterday.

ZL: Hey, why waste time?

BW: We all knew he was picking it up. It’s funny, he’s ‘FYI, I’m picking it up.’

The Cavs pick instead was sent to the Lakers as part of the package that won them Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. and enough space to help them in next summer’s free agency.

The decision not to trade Dinwiddie for a low first round pick is yet another indication that not only do the Nets value their starting point guard, but that they are not that interested in cashing out on their development projects. Instead, they intend to keep them unless blown away by offers. The other indication is what Lowe wrote about Joe Harris being seen as “potential core player” going forward.

“The Nets view Harris as a potential core player going forward. Brooklyn was not expected to chase star agents this summer regardless,” wrote Lowe in his overnight story on Jeremy Lin putting in paperwork on his $12.5 million team option. Lowe noted that Harris is among several Nets veterans who the team will look at this summer.