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Buck teammates credit Rashad Vaughn with work ethic, demeanor ... dancing

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Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

Rashad Vaughn’s future with the Nets is murky at best. It appears the Nets wanted the second round pick, which likely will be conveyed in 2020, more than the 21-year-old Vaughn, who has been a disappointment since being drafted 17th in 2015.

However, Vaughn’s Buck teammates praised him for his off-the-court demeanor and his work ethic, noting that he could shine given a new opportunity in Brooklyn. Vaughn averaged 3.1 points in 12.3 minutes per game over 133 appearances.

“Rashad was a great guy for us; he’s one of those locker room guys,” Khris Middleton told Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “People probably won’t really understand the type of relationship we had with him, but if you see him in the player intro huddles then you’ll understand a little bit more.

”Wish it could have worked out here better for him. The minutes, the way he played he didn’t help himself too much. I hope for the best for him in Brooklyn,” he added in reference to Vaughn’s sporadic court time.

Vaughn was famous for his cheerleading on the bench and during timeouts.

Jon Henson added: “That’s one of my dudes, man. It’s going to be tough to see him go. I don’t know who is going to dance in the circle. … I’m happy he’s going to get a chance to go somewhere else and get an opportunity to play because the kid can play.”

Meanwhile, Jon Horst, the Bucks GM, said it was hard giving up the second rounder which is protected 31-to-47 in this year’s draft, meaning it will be conveyed to the Nets only if the Bucks finish outside the top 13 teams in the final standings. That’s unlikely. Otherwise, the pick goes to the Nets, unprotected in 2020. The Nets don’t have a second rounder in 2020.

“It hurt — I’d rather not give up a pick to do a trade,” Horst said, indicating no pick, no trade. “But it felt like a fair currency, the right currency to do a deal for a proven rotational big in this league that’s under contract this year and next year on what we think is a really great contract.”

The Bucks like Zeller and his cap-friendly, vets minimum deal. The Bucks will now hold the team option on Zeller’s non-guaranteed deal next season.