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DeMarre Carroll, Joe Harris talk Deadline Anxiety ... and the ‘T’ word

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is Thursday, two days away, and naturally, DeMarre Carroll and Joe Harris, are undergoing pre-deadline anxiety. They’re the two players who’ve had significant roles in this improved Nets team ... and have been most linked to trade rumors in recent weeks.

While noting imminent is on the horizon (that we or they know of), they both just saw teammate Tyler Zeller get shipped out the door in exchange for new Net, Rashad Vaughn, and a second round pick from the Milwaukee Bucks, one that’s likely to be conveyed in 2020.

Only mentioning the “T” word peripherally, Carroll and Harris talked mostly about the looming All-Star break —code for something else, perhaps— and how difficult it can be for players to maintain their focus.

”This is the time where good teams make their money,” said Carroll after Tuesday morning’s shootaround, just hours ahead of the Nets game against the Houston Rockets. “This is where human nature settles in on a lot of NBA players and All-Star (weekend) is right around the corner, you know you can let your guard down, but the good teams, and I told everybody in that locker room after that last game, good teams, this is when you make your money, this is where you win games you’re not supposed to win.”

Carroll continued to say that the really good players and teams look to this time of the year in a positive light, lending voice to the importance of representing themselves in a “professional manner.”

“I feel like us as an organization, representing Brooklyn, we’ve got to look at it in a professional manner,” said Carroll. “Let’s not try to worry about the All-Star, let’s not try to worry about getting traded, let’s worry about taking it one game at a time.”

Harris piggy-backed off of Carroll’s comments, calling the NBA “an interesting business,” and while acknowledging that people in and around the league are anxious during this time, it’s important to control what you can control.

“You’re not going to control where you go if you happen to be traded,” he said. “But what you can control is trying to stay focus on these games leading up to the All-Star break I was even alluding to just generally the NBA, a lot of teams, they start to check out a little bit leading into the All-Star break.

“We’ve got to look at that as an advantage for us because we’ve got a difficult schedule here leading up to the All-Star break. We’re trying to get some momentum swinging in our direction for when we go into the break, and for when we come out of it.”

The anxiety of course is a bit worse for Harris, who will need to go from this season right into free agency. Carroll has $15 million still left on his deal, and both would likely be headed to a contender if they are traded.