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SCENES from a practice … back from break

HSS Center - Exterior Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are back from All-Star Weekend, and so are we.

Even though, we really never left …

Wednesday, they resumed their standard practice activities at their now two-year-old HSS Training facility in Sunset Park. So, for the first time in a long time, we we’re able to put together some SCENES.

‘Some’ being the operative word, because there’s not a lot from today, but hey, it’s something.

First off, a general scan of the after-practice view, where a number of Nets are getting in some extra shots before an afternoon flight down to Charlotte, where the team will take on the Hornets on Thursday.

Isaiah Whitehead, who has had a tumultuous season in some respects, was also seen tacking on some extra reps at HSS today. Whitehead is potentially someone who could see some playing time down the stretch as we inch closer to the spring, though, with the team’s situation at guard, it won’t be easy.

And in to wrap-up a shorter version of Scenes, we end with Quincy Acy and DeMarre Carroll alternating some perimeter jumpers on the far side.

No sightings of Pablo Prigioni. His look at the Nets is apparently over. Don’t expect the Argentine star to make a decision on his next step until the summer. There were rumors of Knicks interest too, but it was the Nets who invited him to their facility.

And happy birthday, HSS. The Nets $52 million training facility high above Industry City opened two years ago this week.