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Deadlines and Commitments - No. 125

Winter is coming

The holidays will be over Tuesday and the Nets return to action on Wednesday at Barclays Center, where they will face the Pelicans. Expect trade rumors to begin in earnest and continue for nearly six weeks right up until 3:00 p.m. ET February 7.

Even before the trade deadline, deadlines for other transactions will start to pile up, perhaps requiring the Nets to make personnel decisions. So here ya go.

January 5 — 10-day contracts may now be signed. The Nets don’t have any openings but other teams do and so expect some movement around the league.

January 7 — Last day to waive a player with non-guaranteed salary before his salary becomes guaranteed for the remainder of that season. Again, doesn’t currently apply to the Nets, but things change.

January 9 — Maybe Vince Carter’s final game vs. his old team, the Nets. He has said there’s a 90 percent chance of his retiring after this year. He’s playing for the Hawks this season.

January 10 — All non-guaranteed contracts other than two-ways become fully guaranteed. Currently, all 15 Nets have guaranteed deals.

January 15 -- Last day teams can sign NBA Two-Way contracts. The Nets created a roster opening by waiving Alan Williams who’s headed to China. So, this is the last day they can replace Williams.

January 15 — No-trade restriction lifts on Joe Harris.

January 20 — Two-Way contracts guaranteed for rest of season. IF the Nets don’t convert their two-ways, they are guaranteed till June 30. At that point, they become restricted free agents.

February 4 — The Bucks and Brook Lopez are in town, his first game with Milwaukee at Barclays. Earlier in the day, at 11 a.m. to be precise, the Long Island Nets will play the Fort Wayne Mad Ants at Barclays, their only Brooklyn appearance.

February 7 -- NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)

February 15-17 -- NBA All-Star 2019. Charlotte, NC. Lots of candidates for either skill sessions or maybe even a place on the team.

February 21 — G League trade deadline. Long Island likes to accumulate picks so they can trade for players’ G League rights. Currently, they hold G League rights to Marshall Plumlee (who’s in the National Guard); Nick Zeisloft (playing in Italy); Jamaal Franklin (playing in China) and Okaro White (just cut by the Wizards).

March 1 -- Playoff Eligibility Waiver Deadline. Players waived after this date are ineligible for the playoffs. Big buyout deadline.

March 23 — NBA G League regular season ends

March 26-April 12 — NBA G League Playoffs. Long Island has never made the playoffs, but have a great shot this season.

April 10 -- Regular Season ends. Luxury taxes calculated for teams over the tax threshold. The Nets are currently $7.8 million short of the luxury tax threshold. Hard to imagine the Nets going over the threshold this year, knowing they may have to go over in future years ... and as Mikhail Prokhorov knows, if you’re over the threshold for several years —a “repeat offender,” you get hit a lot harder.

April 14 — NBA Playoffs begin. Ya never know.

April 17-20 — Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Portsmouth, Va. College seniors show their wares to NBA scouts and hope for summer league and training camp invites. Select few get NBA Combine invites.

May 14NBA Draft Lottery, Chicago. New lottery odds apply for the first time.

May 14-19 -- NBA Draft Combine 2019, Chicago. Sixty prospects get measured, interviewed and otherwise scrutinized.

June 20 — NBA Draft, Brooklyn, NY. Hope for hometown advantage. Nets currently have the ninth (their own); 27th (Nuggets) and 32nd (Knicks) picks.

June 14 - No-trade restriction lifts on Spencer Dinwiddie. Since the deadline has already passed, he can’t be traded till July 6. Not that that’s likely.

June 24 - Team options on Shabazz Napier ($1.8 million) and Treveon Graham ($1.6 million).

June 29 — Player option for Allen Crabbe.

June 29 — Qualifying offer deadline for Rondae-Hollis Jefferson, D’Angelo Russell. By making qualifying offer, the Nets will hold on to their rights, making them unrestricted free agents. But both have big capholds: $7.4 million for RHJ and $21.1 million for DLo.

June 30 — Contracts expire for DeMarre Carroll ($15.4 million); Kenneth Faried ($13.8 million); Jared Dudley ($9.5 million). Nets commitment to Dwight Howard ($18.9 million) ends. Nets still have one more year of stretch payments ($5.5 million) to Deron Williams.

July 1NBA Free Agency begins. Negotiations are not supposed to begin until now, but signings get announced minutes after midnight. Restricted free agents can sign an offer sheet.

July 6 — July moratorium ends (12 noon ET) Teams can begin officially signing players, extending players, and completing trades.

October 10-12 — Nets and Lakers travel to China for the NBA China Games where they’ll play two games vs. the Lakers in Shanghai and Shenzhen.