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Kenny Atkinson: No buyout talks for Kenneth Faried

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Washington Wizards Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Kenneth Faried continues to spend his time on the Nets bench, with 27 DNP-CD’s. The 6’8” forward hasn’t played since December 1, one of nine garbage time appearances, none longer than nine minutes.

Yet, says Kenny Atkinson, the Nets and Faried have not engaged in buyout talks and the Newark native hasn’t “checked out,” calling his attitude “fantastic.”

“No [he hasn’t asked] … I know [about the reports]. I just like him on this team. He’s been really good. I just hope we can get him an opportunity,” Atkinson told Brian Lewis. “He’s been fantastic. I don’t feel great about it, because he’s been fantastic. It’s weird, some guys, they check out. He hasn’t.”

Many thought Faried, who’s been a top-flight rebounder in his career, would see minutes for this Nets team. He’s been healthy, but his lack of an outside shot and the presence of Ed Davis, who’s arguably having his best year, hurt him.

“We have a plethora of bigs, especially since we can go small,” Atkinson added. “That 4 position has become a little bit of a guard when you go small, so that hurts him a little. I do think his ideal position is a rolling 5 in this league, and I think he could be really good at it. It’s just with Ed playing fantastic ball, it’s more about the other guys and being satisfied with our bigs than him.”

Does Faried, who is in the last year of a four-year contract, earning $13.8 million, have any trade value? Shams Charania suggested last week that he has garnered interest but with the deadline six weeks away, it’s unlikely anything will happen soon. Might the Nets and Faried have interest in a buyout between February 7, the trade deadline, and March 1, the last date a player can be waived so he can sign with a playoff team?