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Brooklyn Nets vs. Indiana Pacers Live Game Thread: Don’t jinx it. Seriously, don’t.

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NBA: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (15-18) vs. Indiana Pacers (20-12)

WHAT: Can the Nets make it 8 in a row? We’ll find out Friday night as they take on the also hot Indiana Pacers.

WHERE: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. EST

HOW: YES, FSIND; NBA League Pass

THE STORY: Game Preview

The Two-Headed Snake bit once again in Chicago, and it’s becoming a real luxury for Brooklyn to have two point guards who can take over any given game and genuinely seem to enjoy the other ones success. D’Angelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie are also so stylistically different it makes them all the more difficult to guard as a tandem. Against the Pacers stout defense and Victor Oladipo, it’ll be important to get one or both of them going to grab that win.

An interesting wrinkle in the Nets game plan lately has been feeding Jarrett Allen the ball more often earlier in games. He seems to come out of every first quarter with like six or eight points, and I think establishing him as a scoring threat off pick-and-rolls and fast breaks changes the geometry of the Nets offense later in the game to give them more space to work on and penetrate from the perimeter. Allen demanding more of a gravitational pull in the offense is important, especially if the Nets are rarely going to post him up (nor should they).

The Pacers have the second best Defensive Rating in the league and allow just 100.8 points per game which leads the league by a margin of 1.5 points. It’s not going to be easy to put up points against them, and it’s going to take efforts from every Net capable of scoring buckets to step it up in this one.

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