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Treveon Graham close to return ... practiced with Long Island Nets

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Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Treveon Graham, the 6’5” swingman signed by the Nets in late July, is close to a return.

On Saturday, Brooklyn assigned Graham to the Long Island Nets so he could participate in the G League team’s practice. The tweets announcing that Graham would practice with Long Island then return to Brooklyn indicate Graham practiced for an hour at Long Island’s training facility, then returned to Brooklyn.

Later Saturday, Kenny Atkinson provided more details...

“He’s practiced a little bit, but that one I don’t want to put a date on it yet,” Atkinson said. “That’s obviously good news, that he’s starting to participate in practice and in some game activities. But no timetable for him. We love him and we miss him and I think he brings a defensive piece that I think really can help us. I think he’s gonna be a good player for us.”

Graham, 25, has been out since the third game of the season back in October. He strained his hamstring in the Nets game at the Garden October 19.

The Nets see Graham as a 3-and-D guy who has a career three point shooting average of better than 40 percent and his athleticism and bulk give him an advantage over smaller player at swing positions.

There was a mini-controversy about the injury and Graham’s recovery time a few days after Graham went down. Shams Charania reported that Graham would be out for two months and that he had a hamstring tear. Kenny Atkinson countered by saying the Nets didn’t know how long Graham would be out and called the injury a hamstring strain.

“It’s a strain. That’s our vernacular,” said Atkinson. “They must have access to other information. It’s a strain.”