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Sean Marks: ‘You want to reward a guy who has bought in entirely’

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Brooklyn Nets

In comments before the Nets game with the Wizards Friday, Sean Marks said the decision to extend Spencer Dinwiddie was easy in one regard.

“You want to reward a guy who has bought in entirely,” Marks told reporters at Barclays Center. “Go back three years when we first signed him. I think Spencer has showed terrific ability to improve, to develop, to be part of this culture and it’s deserving of him right now.”

The press conference came as the Nets released a photo of Dinwiddie signing the three-year, $34 million deal and issued a press release officially announcing it.

Kenny Atkinson agreed with Marks assertion that Dinwiddie’s work ethic and dedication to improvement were key to the Nets decision to extend him. He noted that Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert are “Number one” when it comes to committing to their player development programs. Moreover, Atkinson noted that Dinwiddie’s return helps the Nets develop a solid core going forward.

“As a coach, I think continuity is so big,” Atkinson said.

“It’s a great story,” the coach added.

Asked if the 25-year-old Dinwiddie has reached his ceiling, Atkinson responded, “We want more. He wants more.”

For his part, Dinwiddie noted, “This is obviously one of the most comprehensive player development programs in the NBA.”

Dinwiddie said his first call after agreeing to the deal was to his father who shed “a baby tear.”

It doesn’t end there, either, said the L.A. native. He said the best thing about his new contract is his parents will now be able to retire ... a goal of many in the NBA.

Talking about his journey from being without a job in October 2016 till now, Dinwiddie said “I think the hardest part was the month or so between being cut by Chicago and actually showing up to Windy City. It just kind of a dead month, I just worked out and waited.”

Finally, Dinwiddie talked about why he wanted to return.

“All credit goes to them and the culture they developed, the organization that they built, the players they put in the locker room, and just the overall tenor and trajectory we’re on” said a very serious Dinwiddie. “We all believe in it.

“And they also took a chance on me. That’s not lost on me either and I really appreciate it,”