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Caris LeVert looks good, but won’t talk timeline

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Caris LeVert brought 140 kids to a free private advance screening of Bumblebee in New York on Thursday night. The 140 kids came from Caris’ own 22 initiative as well as various organizations across New York City – Children of Promise, Man Up, Children’s Village, MS Society, Emanuel Baptist Church Youth Ministry and Madison Square Boys & Girls Club.

But the biggest news out of the event for Nets fans was that LeVert, who suffered what appeared to be a devastating leg injury on November 12, walked without a limp or a walking boot, as Michael Scotto wrote in The Athletic.

The last time LeVert spoke with the media was a week after his injury when he appeared on crutches at the HSS Training Center. He’s appeared on the bench at Barclays Center without crutches or a boot in recent weeks and last week, Kenny Atkinson said he’s been shooting around at the Nets training facility

LeVert wasn’t talking about when he might return —and the Nets have not, per policy, provided a timeline. On Friday night, Sean Marks said LeVert’s recovery is on target, but added that he has not started sprinting yet. The Nets are 5-10 without LeVert.

LeVert did talk to Scotto about how he felt about his team’s performance while he’s been out ... and his teammate’s big new deal.

“Resiliency,” LeVert said of Brooklyn’s play without him. “They’ve been playing really well. Even the games we’ve lost, I feel like we played really well up until about five minutes left in the fourth quarter. But I think we didn’t necessarily fix those problems because we still kind of had some last night (against Philadelphia), but I feel like we’re getting better in those situations as a young team who doesn’t really have a lot of experience in those situations. Every game means a lot for us. I think we’re growing definitely and look forward to watching it some more.”

And without saying how much role he might have in a playoff run, he refused to dismiss the possibility of a post-season appearance.

“Absolutely,” LeVert said. “We’re thinking getting better every single day, whether that be playoffs or not. We’re trying to maximize the potential that we have with our group and get better every day as a young team.”

After the event, LeVert congratulated Dinwiddie in his Instagram story saying, “Well deserved 100.”