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Danny Green: character matters ... as does patience ... in Sean Marks’ plan for Nets

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New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Danny Green played eight years for the Spurs, including the 2014 team that won the NBA championship. For six of those years, Sean Marks worked in the Spurs front office, being an assistant coach on that same 2014 squad.

So he knows the Spurs and knows Marks and believes whatever “magic” the Spur possess is the result of strict adherence to its first principles: character matters, culture matters, patience matters. Individual character and team culture produce a whole that is often greater than the sum of its parts, Green told Moke Hamilton of The Athletic.

And he notes, those intangibles are always going to be the first thing that any acolyte of Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford pursues.

“Good character, quality guys first, and that’s where it starts in the beginning,” Green said.

“Guys that are humble that know that the game is bigger than them. It’s easier to not have to manage egos when you have guys like that so finding that first, finding the right talents, then incorporating the right offenses that can go with those guys talents, that’s how you win...

“For sure, Sean is definitely the guy to do it here,” Green, who was in town for the Raptors game Friday, told Hamilton.

For those who grow impatient, Green noted the success of Brett Brown, the 76ers coach who served under Popovich as a Spurs assistant.

“You see what Brett Brown did in Philly? I don’t wanna be corny and be like Philly like ‘Trust the Process,’ but you gotta trust in what he’s doing,” Green said of Marks.

It will take time, Green added, just as it has in Philadelphia.

“You gotta trust in what Brooklyn is doing and what Sean Marks is doing,” said Green, a Long Island native.

“Obviously, he knows what he’s doing. He’s been around guys that know what they’re doing, he’s learned a ton and he’s able to bring some good things to the table.

“Everyone needs to continue to be patient.”