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Welcome to the Trade Machine!

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Phoenix Suns v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Nets have inquired about Knicks guard Frank Ntilikina, says ESPN!

Nope. False, says league source.

The Nets have expressed interest in Knicks guard Damyean Dotson, reports the New York Post!!

Sorry, trade mavens. league source is scratching his (or her) head about this one.

The Nets should move Spencer Dinwiddie to the Pelicans or Spurs for “a nice package,” suggests The Ringer!!!

Who’s the “nice package?”

Meanwhile, during the Cavaliers game last week, an eagle-eyed fan reported, “Sean Marks got a call and took off ‘running’ from his seat into the tunnel!”

So who we getting? A stretch 4? Anthony Davis?!? Or did Marks just remember he left the coffee maker plugged in back home?

But wait, here’s what may be be a real rumor! Trajan Langdon is reportedly in Phoenix along with at least three other NBA executives. Speculation is they are scouting Suns players who wudda, cudda, shudda be part of a multi-team deal, one that would send Trevor Ariza to the Lakers and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and no doubt draft pick(s) to a mystery third team that would provide the Suns with a point guard.

Then, the Arizona Republic reported that Langdon said Tuesday that no, the Lakers and Suns haven’t been in contact involving the Ariza rumor. Langdon added that he was in the area to do some scouting in the G League and headed back to New York Tuesday night.

Yes, it is that time again, trade season!!! When fans recall the bookmark for the ESPN Trade Machine and produce all manner of crazy exchanges, then add “who says No?” (How about everyone?)

In fact, Friday was the first anniversary of the deal that sent Trevor Booker to Philly for Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas plus the Knicks second rounder in this year’s draft. Normally, though, teams wait till December 15. That’s the date almost every player in the league, including the 100 or so who were signed last summer, can be dealt for the first time. It’s easier to make a deal when there are more assets available.

Are the Nets in the market? Of course they are. Marks is always ready to deal. In his first full year as GM, 24 players were under contract to Brooklyn at one point or another during the season. Last season, it was slighly lower, 22. As of now, the number is 17, the 15 players on the roster plus the two two-ways (who, in case you’re wondering, can be packaged in a deal.)

Who might the Nets be interested in? One would assume they are still interested in stockpiling draft picks. The Nets have their own firsts going forward and the Nuggets first this year as well as the Knicks second rounder in 2019 plus a grab bag of future seconds (none of which are their own until 2022),

A stretch 4? Could it be Otto Porter Jr. who’s being paid on terms written by Marks? How about Dragan Bender, the 21-year-old seven-footer who the Suns have given up on? He did shoot 36.6 percent from three last season, playing in all 82 games.

And who are the Nets willing to give up? There are the rumors that the Nets could be willing to give up D’Angelo Russell or Spencer Dinwiddie, but those are rumors and the only public figure who leaks less than Robert Mueller work in a corner office at HSS Training.

Bobby Marks (no relation), the Nets’ former assistant GM turned ESPN analyst, thinks the Nets may be at a crossroads...

The Nets’ front office will have to ask if collecting draft assets and putting a high premium on cap space is more significant than attempting to retain one of its better players,” Marks wrote Tuesday.

For starters, the Nets can currently trade everyone on the roster other than Treveon Graham, Ed Davis Theo Pinson, Alan Williams, Shabazz Napier and Joe Harris. As of next Monday, everyone but Harris can be dealt. The Nets can’t move Harris until January 15 ... even if they wanted to. (Two-ways can be traded by the way.)

The Nets are currently operating above the cap which means salaries have to match in any deal unless the Kings, the sole team with cap space, get involved. They’re about $7.8 million under the luxury tax threshold. The Nets do not have any exceptions, trade or disable player, MLE or bi-annual. They also have a very limited amount of cash, about $243,000, to sweeten any deal, having sent $5 million to the Hornets in the Dwight Howard trade.

And yes, they have all those picks, but it’s hard to imagine Marks wanting to deal a first rounder after he’s worked so hard to replenish the draft cupboard left bare by Billy King.

Finally, there are all those expirings: DeMarre Carroll at $15.2 million; Kenneth Faried at $13.8 million and Jared Dudley at $9.5 million. But as we noted with so little cap space floating around, the value of big contracts isn’t what it has been.

So what do we expect? A LOT or rumors EARLIER than normal. A lot of teams like the Rockets, Lakers, Wizards and Jazz and maybe even the Heat might be ready to deal after disappointing early.

So get into your Woj bomb shelters and oil up the trade machine.