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Woj: Nets ‘very much’ want to keep Dinwiddie long term, but at what number?

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Memphis Grizzlies v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

In an interview with WFUV, the Fordham student radio station, Adrian Wojnarowski says the Nets would “very much like to keep” Spencer Dinwiddie “long term,” but at their price. He admitting he doesn’t know what that price might be.

Woj also suggested the Nets are unlikely to trade any of their young players or draft picks for “an established player,” but are more likely to see what they can do in free agency, both with their own players and others on the market.

Woj spoke on Saturday’s edition of “One on One,” WFUV’s sports call-in show, with Reed Horner and Chris Calamari.

Woj talked at length about how the Nets like Dinwiddie and that he’s a prize, but said the two sides will have to find a “number” the two can agree on. The Nets can offer Dinwiddie up to four years and $47.5 million and can begin talking to Dinwiddie about an extension as early as a week from Saturday. In an interview earlier this week, Dinwiddie noted, “It’s not like I’m really looking to go below. It is what it is. I’ll find out when you guys find out.”

“What usually matters in instances like these is ‘What’s the number? What’s the number on the extension that gets it done,’” Woj told Hall and Calamari. “The Nets are limited, limited in he kind of raise he can get off his current contract. It’s all negotiation. Starting next week, they can negotiate, he can sign an extension. But he can do it all the way through the summer.

“I think the Nets would very much like to keep him and keep him long term but again, it’s negotiation. It will be at a number --I don’t know what the number is for Brooklyn -- but I’m sure they have in their minds a sense of what they’re willing to do and then how does that measure up to what the other options are, what it does to their cap space, what they want to do with D’Angelo Russell.”

Woj said there certainly will be a market for the 25-year-old if he reaches free agency this summer.

“And listen, there certainly are teams this summer that would like a veteran point guard. Phoenix has been trying to trade for one and Orlando’s another who’s veen trying to figure out that position for them long term. Dinwiddie is not a star but he’s showed himself to be a very competent, professional, serious-minded leader. That’s not easy to find.”

Woj also noted that Dinwiddie likes Brooklyn, likes how things work out and the Nets could have an advantage even in free agency.

“With Dinwiddie, there will be great interest in him but he’s also found a great niche for him with the Nets. His career has blossomed in Brooklyn and I’m sure that factors into his mind too, that he’s had a pretty good thing here in his time with the Nets.”

Woj basically dismissed the idea that the Nets might use their flexibility to go for a big player in a trade, suggesting the Nets are looking forward to free agency, dealing with their own players, primarily Dinwiddie and Russell, and others on the market.”

“I don’t know if there’s a big player coming to either team through a trade,” he said referring to the Knicks as well as the Nets. “Right now, Brooklyn’s got a young core I think they’re going to try to build with. I don’t think it makes sense for them to cash in those young players and draft picks to go get an established player.

“I think they will keep growing the way they are. They’ll try to into free agency. they have decisions to make with their own players. D’Angelo will be a restricted free agent this summer; Spencer will be unrestricted.”

In talking about the Knicks and their off-season target, Kevin Durant, Woj said New York will probably “get a meeting” with the Finals MVP, but threw a bit of cold water on their chances, at least from a historical perspective.

“Getting a player like Durant takes years of building up a program, building up an infrastructure, building credibility with what you’re doing and history kind of shows you that it doesn’t get short-circuited by a guy who’s a big free agent,” said Woj. “If you’re talking about Kevin Durant, some people say he may be the best player in the league.

“History also tells you that that player usually either stays where he is or he goes somewhere where something’s been established there and has been building toward this. The Knicks may not fit that description.”

Woj did not put the Nets on that scale.

Regarding the Wizards, Woj said Bradley Beal remains the prize if the Wizards are intent on blowing it up, but that the price will be high. As for Otto Porter, who the Nets had great interest in a year and a half ago, Woj said his contract is so big —$81 million remaining— that the Wizards might have take on another contract just to dump Porter.

The ESPN writer said he doesn’t seem much movement on Markelle Fultz’s situation until there’s “more clarity” on his medical condition. The overall No. 1 in the 2017 Draft is in New York this weekend, undergoing physical exams on his shoulder.