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Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat Live Game Thread: Let the playoff push begin

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NBA: Sacramento Kings at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (7-10) at Miami Heat (6-10)

WHAT: Are the Nets ready to make a playoff push?

WHERE: AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. EST

HOW: YES, FSSUN; NBA League Pass

THE STORY: Game Preview

Prior to the most recent matchup between these two franchises (which the Nets lost) I remarked that the Heat have the kind of team the Nets seem to struggle with the most: the ones just like them. Full of guys who can flat out ball, well-coached, and no superstar to focus in on, the Heat are something of a mirror of the Nets with different guys at more advanced stages of their careers. They’re not necessarily better, and I wouldn’t switch rosters with them in a million years, but they’re a tough opponent, ranking 15th in the league in Defensive Rating to the Nets 24th.

On offense though, the Nets sit at 10th(!), while Miami can be found down at 19th. Jarrett Allen needs to get some real credit by the way. He’s been absolutely fantastic this season and is proving himself vital to the the Nets success, not only in the future, but right now. Also, Allen didn’t play in the Nets loss to the Heat when Hassan Whiteside ran wild.

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