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Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat Live Game Thread: It’s good to be home

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NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (6-8) vs. Miami Heat (5-8)

WHAT: Good new, bad news is behind us - time to get a win for Caris.

WHERE: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. EST

HOW: YES, FSSUN; NBA League Pass

THE STORY: Game Preview

I know is is a game preview and my job here is usually to briefly update you all on what happened in the last game and then look ahead to the next, but I’m going to take a minute to talk about Caris Levert because nothing else in the Nets world is as important at the moment.

Watching Caris develop into a budding star this season was not only fun, it didn’t only bring more wins to the record and joy to the game; it was an affirmation of everything the Nets have been building over the last few years. He was the first one to hit, the one that put the work in and got the results he, and all of us, wanted.

His weird, herky-jerky post moves started turning into buckets and his drives began to feel controlled. He knows how to knock down a big three. Caris is a weapon on the court in so many different ways. And also a sweetheart who has dealt with injuries his whole career. Those minutes following his injury, when the arena went silent and Ryan Ruocco and Sarah Kustok could hardly muster anything to say was some of the most brutal television I’ve ever watched. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson crying was just embodiment of everything I was feeling at the time.

This Nets team has not been lucky with injuries. Not for a long time. It sucks, and it makes being a fan even more excruciating than it already is at times. But Caris is strong and the news is the best we could hope for. Plus, the Nets have the most comprehensive infrastructure in the league to deal with something like this, with access to the best doctors and surgeons and coaches and trainers any recovering player could ever need. He’s going to work hard, and he’s going to recover. Simple as that. I have no doubt in my mind.

The Nets host the Heat on Wednesday and I think it’s a pretty damn good time for a statement win. Let’s get into it.

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