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Nets introduce Coogi-style City Edition jerseys ... and an Airbus 320!

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Brooklyn Nets

Big day out at Jet Blue Hangar 81 Thursday out in Queens. Nets brass gathered at JFK to introduce both their City Edition uniforms ... and a new Nets-branded Airbus 320 decked out in the Nets colors and logo, part of Jet Blue’s New York-themed fleet. Jet Blue is the official “hometown” airline of the Nets and Barclays Center.

Although the Airbus, part of Jet Blue’s New York-themed jets, is the bigger item, the Biggie item is the City Edition. It features Coogi-style trim that mimics Notorious B.I.G.’s fashion sense that he wore on stage in his colorful trademark sweaters.

The Nets will don them for the first time on November 17, one of 16 games the City Edition will hang in each player’s locker.

“I wish we could wear it more than 16 times,” Spencer Dinwiddie, the Nets man of the hour, told Complex.

“He’s a legend from here,” said D’Angelo Russell in an interview with the Nets official site. “Hometown hero. His legacy that he left behind is still here to this day.

”Love them. Love the design,” said Caris LeVert. “Very Brooklyn-esque. I’m not a huge jersey guy in the first place, but those are dope.”

Complex thinks the Nets could have this season’s “most hyped and enviable third jersey,” even more so than the Prince-themed Timberwolves outfit or the Nameless, star-filled 76ers’ number.

The Nets describe the uniforms this way...

The “Brooklyn Camo” pattern inspired by Biggie runs down the sides of the jersey and shorts and along the sleeve and neckline piping. A customized *BED-STUY* mark for each player has been designed by renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze and been placed above the jersey’s jock tag.

The Nets used social media and a Brooklyn-laden video to introduce them...

There was also a significant wow factor to the introduction of the plane. This isn’t a Nets charter aircraft. They like all NBA teams use Delta. It’s going to seen, however, around the U.S., Europe and Latin America. It’s first flight will be later week between New York and Long Beach, CA.

Sean Marks, Brett Yormark and two former Nets, Kerry Kittles and Albert King, were at Hangar 81 bright and early.

The roll-out of the aircraft also featured a photo spread of Nets Team Hype wearing the City Edition uniforms. You get the picture.

The Nets finished off the day with D’Angelo Russell and Rodions Kurcus visiting the Christopher “Biggie” Wallace Courts, named for the Brooklyn rapper. There was basketball instruction and just straight-out community interaction.

All in all, a very Brooklyn day following a very BROOOK-Lyn night.