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Caris LeVert message to Nets fans: The days of being mocked are over

Brooklyn Nets v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Caris LeVert got the Steve Serby treatment Sunday in the Post. Serby does extended interviews with New York sports stars and it was CLV’s turn in the box.

A lot of what he talked about were things that Nets fans have heard and read about, but when Serby asked LeVert about his message to Brooklyn’s fans, his answer was a declaration that they can raise their heads up because in spite of everything —presumably including Friday night— the losing is over.

“We’re a young team, we’re still fighting to get better every single day, but you can definitely be encouraged about the future, can be encouraged about the present, because I think in years past, a lot of people were kind of mocking Nets fans, and Nets players and things like that, but I think those days are over. We’re becoming a good team, somebody that people have to respect. And just stay with us, because we’re definitely gonna be very exciting this year and in the future.”

It was one of several comments LeVert made about how the Nets and their fans cannot think of themselves as second class citizens. When Serby asked if the Nets were “determined not to live in the shadow of the Knicks,” LeVert not only declined to answer, but essentially dismissed the question itself.

“I don’t even think that’s something that we really think about. We know that we’re our own organization, our own people, we have our own fan base. I don’t know if that’s something that anybody on our team thinks about, being in the shadow of them. We’re just trying to be ourselves, we’re trying to be the best us that we can be.”

When Serby followed up with a question on the team’s identity, LeVert had a simple answer. It’s about team.

“Everybody is very selfless. Everybody wants to win. Everybody is very close. We don’t really have any guys on the team that are just in it for themselves.”

That applies to Kenny Atkinson, he underlined.

“Very, very competitive. He’s one of those guys who really’s gonna believe in himself no matter what the situation is and I respect that, ‘cause I’m the same way.”

CLV also provided thumbnail sketches of some teammates. Here’s a sampling...

Spencer Dinwiddie: “Very smart guy. I can go to Spencer about anything, and I’ll come away from that conversation with something I’ve never really heard before.”

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: “He’s just one of those hits who brightens the room. Every time he walks in it.

D’Angelo Russell: “D’Angelo has a lot of charisma. He’s one of those guys you love to have on your side when you’re going to battle because you know that inside he wants to win so bad, and he wants to be great, he’s willing to do whatever it takes.”

Allen Crabbe: “He’s a real cool guy, West Coast guy, very fashionable. You go into the gym late at night, you’ll see him in there for sure.”

And of course, himself...

“That guy’s a winner. Good, bad, indifferent, however he played, he played to win every single time.”

And he LOVES Brooklyn for its honesty...

“Everything you need there, it’s everything you need. The people are great, second to none. The fans obviously are great, but I feel like it’s real people, they tell you the truth. If you’re not playing well, they’ll tell you, if you’re playing good, they’ll tell you, but at the end of the day, they’ll still be there.”

There’s a LOT more there ... there always is with Serby.