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Ed Davis: When keeping it real goes wrong

“He’s a certified clown for flopping.”

NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

To review...

Ed Davis was involved in a controversial technical foul call at the end of Brooklyn’s 117-115 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Davis is a veteran leader among the young group of Nets, despite being only 29-years-old – good for third oldest on the team. When Solomon Hill came into the Nets’ huddle with two seconds left, Davis gave him a light push with his forearm, garnering a T from the officials.

Davis accepted the fact that he shouldn’t have reacted in that manner, but offers a dig at Hill for flopping at a pretty light push.

“It was a dumb play by me for putting the team in that position,” Davis said following the game before jabbing at Hill.

“But he a certified clown for the flop. Like I said it was a dumb play by me, I entertained a clown and that’s what happens. I don’t think it should’ve been a [technical foul], but I put it in the refs hands and they made that call. The clown won the battle.”

You be the judge:

As far as I’m concerned, walking into another team’s huddle warrants a retaliation. Should Davis have made a more conscious decision before initiating anything? Yes. But who was more wrong – Davis or Hill? Think about it.

In talking with reporters, Hill took a jab at Jared Dudley before a slight jab at Ed Davis.

“Well you know, I learned it from Jared Dudley. Being a veteran out there, they said the other day, don’t hate the player hate the game,” he says before admitting his intentions.

“I tried to look at their play and a guy put himself in a situation he probably shouldn’t have put himself in.”

Of course, all of this is basically moot considering the Nets turned the ball over on the inbounds. But maybe you should ask yourself the question above?

Davis kept it real, maybe went a little far calling him a clown, although it’s less than a half hour after the moment happened.

All things said, the Nets can use an enforcer – somebody who is going to stick up for the team when the younger guys don’t. Unfortunately for Davis, the enforcement came at an inopportune time and was worsened by an odd decision on the refs part.

... And Hill’s team won and Davis’ team didnt.