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Will these be Brooklyn’s ‘City Edition’ jerseys?

It looks like images of the Brooklyn Nets’ City Edition jerseys have been leaked, and sources confirmed to NetsDaily that they are indeed legit.

The images were first posted by a twitter account, @NBAReveal, but within hours the images —- and the account— disappeared! We grabbed a screen shot, however, and got confirmation that yes, the images are accurate. (And D’Angelo Russell retweeted them, too!)

Here’s the basic look:

It seems obvious the Nets are going with a coogi-themed jersey to pay tribute to Biggie Smalls, baby baby.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Nets celebrated Biggie’s legacy in some way. His name hangs on a banner in the rafter right next to Jay-Z’s.

It’s obvious why the Nets would do this from a marketing.

First off, the coogi style is starting to come back. The vintage 90’s look with different colors and patterns have become a fad again. Like most things in fashion — the fad dies out for a little while and then picks up again when new styles get boring. Speaking of vintage 90’s looks — can we get some sort of Swamp Dragons apparel?!

Secondly, Brooklyn’s black-and-white jerseys work because anything and everything that is black-and-white sells. It’s cool and matches with any color. That said, they needed some sort of flare, and with the coogi theme, fans can wear basically any colored undershirt to go with the alternates and it’ll blend right in.

It’s a unique way of incorporating colors into the black and white without overdoing it. It’s so... Brooklyn.

Michael Rapoport approved...

Plus, the Nets aren’t the only team paying tribute to a deceased legend from their hometown through the City Edition jerseys. The Minnesota Timberwolves went with a more aggressive approach by making purple Timberwolves jerseys to honor Prince.

Pretty cool stuff from Nike and the teams that continue to incorporate pop culture and outside icons into their marketing strategy. It’s different.

Last year, the Nets used a different symbol for their City Edition jerseys: the Brooklyn bridge. They put grey pinstripes on a black jersey with “Brooklyn Nets” in arched lettering. The pinstripes were meant to represent the bridge cables, though it never really caught possibly because you could hardly see pinstripes on the dark jersey.

Next, the Nets might try to incorporate a New Jersey themed uniform by using one of the templates from one of their old jerseys. The question is whether or not they’ll finally put “NETS” on a jersey.

It’s all fun stuff for the fans, but the only thing that matters is how the guys wearing the jerseys play. I’m sure they’ll tell you the same.


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