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SCENES: Nets hoist last minute shots before off to Cleveland

Rhea Nall

The Nets held an early practice Tuesday morning before flying off to Cleveland, where LeBron James no longer has stomping rights ... therefore making the city billions of dollars less glamorous overnight.

Nevertheless, the Nets will face Kevin Love, J.R. Smith and the Cavaliers Wednesday night. Before boarding their charter, they got up some shots on the way out of HSS Training Center in Sunset Park.

Veteran swingman and team leader Jared Dudley worked on contested three’s from the wing. (He subsequently made four in a row after the video concluded.)

Allen Crabbe, who returned to the line-up last weekend, joined in on the far side, catching and shooting from the corner, also contested.

A couple of new Nets – assistant coach Pablo Prigioni and rookie Dzanan Musa – were seen working together beside Dudley’s station. Prigioni has been working closely with some of the younger Nets.

And of course, Kenneth Faried fulfilled his quota of three-point attempts for the day. (It’s probably not actually mandatory that all Nets work on three-pointers, but who knows. It could be.)

Faried did hint at adding range to his jumper back when he was introduced this summer. Perhaps, the time to see it is soon.

Or S0:0N.