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Can Caris LeVert help Nets land superstars next summer?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only a matter of time before Caris LeVert becomes universally adored. While he may not necessarily be a ‘household name’ — depending on whose household you’re living in — he’s already making headlines and accumulating new fans, near and far, with each passing game.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor has long been one of those leading the LeVert...train? Is it a bus? LeWagon? And in his week 1 takeaways piece, O’Connor used 20 percent of his real estate on to talk about the emergence of Caris LeVert.

O’Connor notes LeVert’s journey from Nets ‘stash’ to untouchable-ish, recalling Brooklyn’s hesitancy in including the 24-year-old in any trade deal for Jimmy Butler. All while making the valued point that LeVert is not only looking like a gamble that’s paid off once, but he’s a gamble that’s seemingly paid off twice.

First in drafting him in the first round after a season at Michigan in which there were some serious concerns about whether or not he could ever remain healthy, by trading away fan favorite, Thaddeus Young, to no-way-Jose-ing the Timberwolves in a deal for Butler.

The residual effect of holding onto LeVert? Better prospects for enticing better prospects to Brooklyn next summer:

It’d be stunning if LeVert keeps averaging 25-5-5, but even in the likely event that he doesn’t, his development has already spoken volumes about the Nets as a viable destination for upcoming free agents. LeVert is honing his go-to scoring talent, and he’s already a savvy passer and a smart off-ball player who can cut and hit spot-up 3s. LeVert’s versatility will allow him to adapt with anyone. The Nets took a risk keeping him off the table in discussions for Butler, but the decision looks sound so far.

Nice. I mean, if KOC can see it, well, then that’s good enough for me.

He sure is.