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Jared Dudley likes his new team ... a lot

It’s not just the opportunity to play and even start, which is somewhat a function of so many players being out. It’s Jared Dudley looking down the road and seeing himself in another NBA role ... and what he’s learned about how to run a team, a franchise.

As Ben Stinar writes for Amico Hoops, Dudley has liked what he’s seen in the three months since the Suns traded him —and a lightly protected 2021 second rounder— to the Nets for Darrell Arthur who Phoenix subsequently waived.

And it started the day he arrived in Brooklyn.

“First things first, when you get traded, the things they do for your family,” Dudley told Stinar. “Your wife, your mom, your dad feel welcomed. You get here and come to the training staff. I think they have the largest training staff by times two, where it has all the proper stuff that you need. When it comes to team dinners, providing on the road, they’re real big on everyone being together.”

And he loves his workplace, the HSS Training Center.

“When it comes to facilities being top-notch, Brooklyn (has) one of the best practice facilities,” he said.

He’s not afraid to tell people about any of it —the man is proficient at social media— and encouraging free agents to look at the Nets as a possible landing spot.

And he’s played on six teams. But it’s more than just facilities, as he told Steinar. It is, dare we say it, the culture...

As for his current situation, he’s trying to pass on 12 years of experience, encouraging the team’s young players, again using social media to praise them as he did this week with Rodions Kurucs.

As the Nets get healthier, Dudley’s minutes will drop, although Kenny Atkinson has said that he intends to run power forward by committee, using Dudley, Kurucs, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Treveon Graham and Kenneth Faried. The coach has said he likes the way Dudley moves the ball, disrupts opponents.

Dudley seems happy with the situation, no matter what.

“Just being out there and being able to still be effective. Passing my knowledge on,” Dudley said. “It’s different when you’re playing because they can see someone who is 33, who might not have the skillset others have to be effective and do winning plays, that hopefully, they can take a little bit from me.”