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Brooklyn Nets at Detroit Pistons Live Game Thread: Let the NBA season begin!

NBA: Preseason-Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (0-0) at Detroit Pistons (0-0)

WHAT: Game 1 of the 2018-19 regular season

WHERE: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. EST

HOW: YES, Fox Sports Detroit; NBA League Pass

THE STORY: Game Preview.

Welcome back everyone! I know we had previews for the preseason games and content all summer long, but it is officially basketball season and that is cause for celebration!

By the way, my name is Jason and I’ll be doing the previews all year, it’s going to be a ride. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be “From The Vault” videos you save in a tab on your browser and forget to delete for three years. There will be jokes only like seven of you get. I’d love it if one of us cried at some point (probably me). Regardless, follow me on Twitter and say what’s up, we’ll be talking Nets all season long.

Speaking of the Nets, they’re opening this one up in the home of Motown and hoping to take down the Pistons and get themselves off to a 1-0 start. Every team is full of hope at this point in the year, and there’s nothing better than having that hope validated with a win in the very first game of the season.

1-0. It looks so fresh, so clean. Everything is easier when you win that first game, so let’s hope the Nets get it done in Detroit.

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