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Not N:OW, but soon: D’Angelo Russell practices with Long Island Nets

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports


Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted early Monday afternoon that D’Angelo Russell, who’s been out for nearly two months, practiced with the Long Island Nets Monday.

Woj doesn’t go into when DLo might return to action.

Later, the Nets issued a statement on Russell’s status ... also without a timetable for his return to NBA action.

Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell has been assigned to the Long Island Nets of the NBA G League. Russell is scheduled to practice with Long Island today in Brooklyn as part of his return-to-play program. He will be recalled following practice.

So what do we know?

—Russell has been cleared to practice.

—They wanted him to practice Monday even though it’s a game day, so they assigned him to Long Island.

—They moved the Long Island practice to Brooklyn presumably so a full range of the Nets staff could take a look.

What’s next? Rules permit NBA players to do rehab tours with G-League with the player’s permission. That seems doubtful. More likely is that the next time the Brooklyn Nets practice, he’ll be working out in Nets practice gear.

“I’ve been out for a while so just getting out there with the G League team, they were amazing. They were going full [force], 100 MPH,” Russell said after practice and beforeo the Raptors game. “Just getting that sweat again was what I was looking for.”

Russell admitted it was difficult to watch his teammates from the sideline, but also admitted it was a learning experience.

“Seeing it from a different angle, from a different point of view. Watching film, seeing it from a different angle,” Russell explained. “Getting to see everyone and what they do, their strengths and weaknesses – as a point guard that’s a great tool to have out there.”

Like the Nets, DLo said he couldn’t provide a timeline on when he’ll return.

“It’s really going with the performance team. They know better than I would know,” he said. “Of course I’m going to say I could go, but everyone has to be pushed and criteria has to meet before I’m out there. So we’ll take it day by day.”

Still, Kenny Atkinson was encouraged.

“It’s tough to map it out that far ahead. I think one step at a time. He had a great practice with the G League team today and evaluate further tomorrow, then hopefully build on that,” Atkinson said.

Russell underwent arthroscopic surgery November 17 to “remove loose bodies” in his left knee. Russell injured a contusion of his left knee days before in a game vs. the Jazz.