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NBA says ‘no calls’ at end of Nets-Celtics were correct calls

NBA: Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night the Celtics and Nets were locked in a close contest in Brooklyn, with the first place Celtics clinging to a 2-point lead late in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

With 15 seconds to go and the Celtics up 87-85, Brooklyn ball, Spencer Dinwiddie drove to the basket where he was met by Celtics big man Semi Ojeleye. There was some body-to-body contact under the basket - Dinwiddie thought he was fouled, but the refs didn’t blow the whistle.

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The NBA concluded that Ojeleye “obtain(ed) a legal guarding position and jump(ed) vertically” as he contested Dinwiddie’s shot. “Good no call,” says the NBA.

The ball, however, went out of bounds on the Celtics and the Nets retained possession with just over six seconds to go.

On the next play, Brooklyn in-bounded the ball under their own basket. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson got the ball inside the paint, went up with it — some contact by Ojeleye -- and missed; Dinwiddie tipped the ball toward the basket but missed — some questionable contact between Marcus Smart and Dinwiddie; the NBA said that Dinwiddie should have been called for a foul for pulling Smart down to the ground by the shoulder. Hollis-Jefferson had another shot at tying the game under the basket. No good, no call.

Dinwiddie was on the floor. DeMarre Carroll was on the floor. Hollis-Jefferson was slumped over. No whistles, Celtics win.


Once again, the NBA said that the no-calls were correct; except for the call that should have gone against Dinwiddie for pulling Smart down to the floor.

After the game, Dinwiddie spoke about the non-calls, noting his frustration.

“It’s funny you mention it being physical and not a lot of calls. It’s a tough loss for us it makes us 0-3 against the Celtics. Obviously we wanted to beat them and these are games we feel we should’ve won. It’s become a trend this year. As a leader of the team I can express our frustrations. We’re losing guys to whatever random contact, people are driving to the basket and getting knocked down – things of that nature. To see the same type of respect not reciprocated is very frustrating for us.

“The other thing that is very frustrating as well is we have these meetings, right, as teams or with PA about respect and so we want to treat everybody with respect because everybody is doing their jobs and they’re trying their best including us. We turn the ball over. Calls are missed, whatever it is. But when you approach somebody, and they shush you or they wave you off like you’re not a man or something of that nature, that’s also very frustrating.

“To already be in the position of feeling like you’re not getting the same respect, whether true or false, it is an opinion at the end of the day. It’s very subjective. That is an opinion. But to have that and not just in one case, but time after time. And like I said, to be shushed if you’re not a man. Those are the things that are really frustrating for guys on this team for sure. Especially games that are so hard fought that come down to the last second.”

He later took to Twitter, noting that his frustration wasn’t just about “two calls” at the end of the game, but it was more about the “trend of ‘disrespect’” that he fells.

You can read the full “Last Two Minute Report” here.