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No surprise: Spencer Dinwiddie contract to be guaranteed for season

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat Photo by Oscar Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

It comes as no surprise. The Nets are keeping Spencer Dinwiddie. The Nets could have dumped their starting point guard Sunday by not guaranteeing his contract for the rest of the year, but obviously that wasn’t happening.

Mike Scotto had the news.

Although Tuesday is the official deadline for guaranteeing partial deals, teams wanting to dump players have to put them on waivers 48 hours before before the deadline.

And although there was little to no doubt what the Nets would do, Dinwiddie was a bit anxious after Saturday’s game. After all, it is his livelihood.

“I just hope I’m on this team past tomorrow,” Dinwiddie told Fred Kerber.

Dinwiddie signed a three-year deal on joining the Nets 13 months ago, with none of the three years guaranteed. Under terms of his contract, as reported by Basketball Insiders, Dinwiddie received a $50,000 guarantee back in July, then $250,000 when he made the team in October. He will now be guaranteed the full vets minimum of $1.52 million. Next year, he has a similar arrangement, getting $250,000 when he makes the team. His contract calls for him to receive $1.66 million next season.

NBA teams do not have to announce that a player has been fully guaranteed, only if they’re waived.

The Nets have four players on minimum deals: Dinwiddie, Quincy Acy, Tyler Zeller and Joe Harris. Dinwiddie and Zeller have team options in June. Acy and Harris are expiring deals. In addition, Isaiah Whitehead, signed as a free agent rather than as a rookie last year, also has team option in June.

Other deadlines are also impacting NBA teams. Teams can now sign players to 10-day deals if they have a roster opening. The Nets do not. Teams can also manipulate their two-way deals through next weekend. A player signed to a two-way deal can be waived before then, opening up the spot. The Nets have the maximum two-way contracts: Milton Doyle and Jacob Wiley.