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Spencer Dinwiddie is all about the #NBAVote movement

Spencer Dinwiddie hears the fans and he’s ready to go to All-Star Weekend one way or another during his exclusive with NetsDaily

Washington Wizards v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

It was another day for Spencer Dinwiddie, who went through his usual workout routine last week, then opened his highly interactive Twitter account. This day, however, was much different than others because Dinwiddie saw his name trending on Twitter’s timeline.

“I just logged on to Twitter and saw ‘Spencer Dinwiddie’ trending on the timeline. I’m like, ‘Wait, who the hell is doing this?’” he told NetsDaily Wednesday night.

“One RT = One vote to head to All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles” was the word.

And as of Saturday, Dinwiddie’s #NBAVote total on Twitter was nearly double that Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

“Man, now? Put that game winner on there,” Dinwiddie said with a big smile after he hit the game-winning shot in a gutsy 98-97 victory over Minnesota. “I’m trying to go [to All-Star Weekend]. At least get me in the Skills Challenge! Why not?”

Dinwiddie would make for an interesting contestant in the Skills Challenge. He’s currently first in the NBA for assist-to-turnover ratio and he’s become one of the NBA’s most intriguing stories of the young season.

Whether it started as a goof or not, there’s no turning back now. This is legit and Dinwiddie sees and hears the fans supporting the movement.

“Just tell the fans I’m extremely thankful. I tweeted [thank you] in short because I don’t know who is doing this or who started this, but obviously it’s a pretty big movement because I’m getting text messages from family and other people like, ‘We’re seeing this.’ I don’t know who started this but it’s pretty cool to see.”

Moreover, fans have gone to creative lengths to get “Spencer Dinwiddie #NBAVote” into tweets. Here’s a sample...

Not to mention that Lil B BASEDGOD has endorsed the movement. That’s big.

The fans want to see it. Dinwiddie is down for it. So, make it happen!