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Dinwiddie: Before the season, ‘We weren’t sure what my role would be’

Matteo Marchi Images

Sideline Stories is a documentary series created by Backpack Broadcasting to highlight stories in sports that are unique, and perhaps unknown to most viewers, like Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets’ folk hero.

Dinwiddie’s rise has been told and retold, but the Nets point guard reveals to our Dexter Henry that before the season, before Jeremy Lin went down for the season and D’Angelo Russell got hurt, he didn’t know what his role would be.

And nor did the Nets.

“It’s been special, man,” Dinwiddie says talking about his year. “Seeing the kind of culmination of all the hard work and being able to actually put it on the floor, we actually spoke before the season and we weren’t sure what my role would be, so being able to play in this fashion is special.”

That of course changed and Dinwiddie admits it’s made his journey all the more sweet.

“I didn’t have the golden road from the jump,” said the second round pick. “I had to have the perseverance, the work ethic, to get to this point ... and continue to climb and hopefully, I’m still on the climb.”

Dinwiddie also talks to Backpack Basketball’s Henry about his participation in hosting the National Basketball Players Association Clinic in Midtown, Manhattan this past Sunday. As he notes, he understands how kids don’t often get to meet a real life NBA player and he appreciates doing that.

I was also there, and part of the story, covering Dinwiddie on the afternoon, as seen in the piece.

For more on the Sideline Stories series and more content, which Dinwiddie has also been a part of, even before this upswing, visit Backpack Broadcasting’s YouTube page.