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SCENES: Spencer Dinwiddie cherishes his role as the chosen

Matteo Marchi

Spencer Dinwiddie has been the chosen one all season long. He’s been called a “revelation” and a “folk hero.”

When D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin went down, Dinwiddie assumed the role of starting point guard. When the Brooklyn Nets needed a go-to guy, Dinwiddie became one of the most clutch players in the league. And when fans needed a feel-good story in a season spearheaded by development and progress, without instant gratification, Dinwiddie was there, and he’s still here.

Off the court, Dinwiddie is also chosen, not as an NBA All-Star — although he wasn’t terribly far off — but by the National Basketball Players Association, to host a clinic at the NBPA training facility in Midtown Manhattan.

Not long removed from a flight from Minnesota, Dinwiddie was in the building, arriving shortly after 3 pm. On arrival, he was greeted with an elaborate welcome from both the many 9-to-17-year-old kids and players’ union staff.

”Overall, for me it was fun, it was a great experience,” Dinwiddie told NetsDaily as the event was wounding down around 5 p.m. “To spend time, feel that energy and help put smiles on these kids’ faces is great. As far as being handpicked, it’s an honor. They could’ve picked anybody quite honestly. Before this year I probably wouldn’t have thought of or really dreamed of something like that.”

Over the course of the clinic, the kids were put through drills, working on their passing, shooting and ball-handling fundamentals. Dinwiddie participated in all of it with every child in attendance.

That doesn’t mean he went easy on them.

Asked if he saw an opportunity like this coming around this time as a first year Net, Dinwiddie responded with: ‘not exactly.’ Of course, it’s a huge accomplishment to predict, but there’s no doubting that Dinwiddie’s come a long way from being a second round pick, unceremoniously dumped by the Chicago Bulls, and then scooped up by the Nets for nothing, at the price of $726,672 and criticism (after being signed at the cost of Yogi Ferrell).

“I knew the roster situation (coming into this season),” Dinwiddie said. “I felt like I had the capability to play basketball at a high level - it’s not like I doubted my intelligence either. The Clinic was a great way to represent myself, my team and the union as well. But you have to have the opportunity to do something. Obviously a lot of that was afforded by two unfortunate injuries but in life you can’t always focus on why you got the opportunity.”

And then, Dinwiddie resumed taking photos with his new friends for the day, and even awarded a couple of lucky participants with tickets to see the Nets in an upcoming game this season.

Maybe Dinwiddie will have another game-winner up his sleeve then.