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Spencer Dinwiddie on WFAN: ‘I would love to be here long-term’

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

As trade winds began to blow, Spencer Dinwiddie made it clear Thursday that he wants to stay with the Nets for a long time.

“I would love to be here long-term. I’m fully indebted to Brooklyn,” Dinwiddie told WFAN host (and noted Nets fan), Evan Roberts.

Dinwiddie, who spoke to Roberts about a number of issues, including the Nets’ inability to get calls late, said he noticed the Nets commitment as soon as he arrived 13 months ago.

“Honestly, my very first impression of Brooklyn was the culture of development. I thought they were very invested in the guys they chose to be a part of that.”

Dinwiddie, of course, is the most successful of those development projects, going from a player who had been traded, waived, and sent to the D-League to one of the top point guards in the league, and arguably, the player who saved the Nets season after they lost Jeremy Lin for the season and D’Angelo Russell for 33 games, both to knee injuries.

The 6’6” guard emphasized that he believes in his team and that while he understands the team is in rebuild and talent acquisition modes, that doesn’t mean they use that as an excuse.

“If we weren’t any good, we wouldn’t be in any of these games,” he told Roberts. “There was a time where the Nets got blown out every game. We’re not doing that. Went through a lot of that last year, we were down 20 like every game. A lot of these games we’re losing by three to four points.

“We’re changing, we’re getting better and that’s our focus - but we also want to win while we’re going through this process.”

As for recent controversies over whether the Nets haven’t gotten the benefit of late game calls, something the league’s Last 2 Minutes reports have somewhat confirmed, Dinwiddie was (again) philosophical, but noted the real consequences.

“To a certain extent, it’s nice to see the Last 2 Minutes reports, but at the same time we have three, four, five, six losses on our record that we probably shouldn’t have,” he said.

Roberts also asked about last shots. Once D’Angelo Russell gets re-acclimated, who will have the call —and the shot— at game’s end.

“D’Angelo Russell has a track record for his ice in his veins, so as long as we get the win that’s all the matters,” he responded, his smile clearly visible over the air waves.