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Players union chooses Dinwiddie to run New York clinic


When the National Basketball Players Association surveyed the NBA landscape looking for a player to host a Basketball Clinic at its new training facility in Manhattan next Sunday, they decided Spencer Dinwiddie was just the man for the job.

“I just know I got a call, they just asked, and I thought it was cool. I was more than honored to be the person that they selected. Now go sign up!” said the Nets guard.

So why not, right?

The 6’6” University of Colorado alum will host children aged 9-17 from 3-to-5 p.m. next Sunday, the afternoon following a late Nets road game in Minnesota the night before. The group will go through “two hours of expert basketball instruction at the home court for all NBA players,” as written on the NBPA’s website. The union’s training facility is at 1133 Sixth Avenue and 43rd Street, co-located with its offices.

Being selected to host the clinic humbles Dinwiddie.

“It’s a partnership with the NBA. It was just a chance to give back a little bit,” he said. “NBPA with the change in measure and whatnot is being a lot more active in trying to do a lot of things and elevate the perception of themselves, the players together and just doing that, I wanted to be a part of it and I’m extremely honored that they chose me. I appreciate the partnership.”

Dinwiddie adds that he doesn’t know how the process came about in selecting him, but considering the deep pool the NBPA can choose from, he’s obviously grateful to be the one. It’s not surprising. Dinwiddie, even in the midst of his breakout season, is serious about giving back. He’ll often raise his hand to volunteer and he set up the Dinwiddie Family Foundation as well to “empower at-risk and disadvantaged youth through literacy, sports and educational programming.”

To register for the event, you can visit the NBPA website. For more information on NBPA Clinic’s, Dinwiddie’s included, you can visit here.