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D’Angelo Russell is BACK

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

He’s back.

After watching 33 games and watching the Nets go 11-22 during his absence, D’Angelo Russell is back and ready for action. Coach Kenny Atkinson said he won’t start, but expect to see him paired with Spencer Dinwiddie.

Atkinson didn’t provide any expectation about minutes and tempered the expectations in general while noting that he needs “permission” from the performance team to play DLo in the fourth.

Then, without any hesitation, Atkinson said he believes Russell is a 1, but he can play the 2 as well. His size enables him to cover wings, he added.


The last time Russell suited up was back on January 11 against the Utah Jazz. Six days later, he underwent arthroscopic on his knee. Just about eight weeks later, he’s officially back.

The second chapter of the season starts... N:0W