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2018 NBA Draft


With big deal done, it’s on to Draft Night ... and a new name

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 117


This is a developing story —oh boy, is it!— that will be updated throughout the day.

Thoughts on the strategy of keeping things quiet

Draft Watch No. 10 - Amid Rumors, New Mocks Posted

Will Nets bring another Brooklyn boy home?

Our Bryan Fonseca recently caught up with Brooklyn-born NBA prospect Rawle Alkins. Alkins worked out with the Nets last year and has been one of many on their radar.

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – Deep Cuts, Part 2

Charles Maniego takes us deep into the second round in his final piece ... guys who could get taken in the 50’s if the Nets decide to buy a pick or might not even get drafted ... and become candidates for summer league and training camp.

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – Deep Cuts, Part 1

Charles Maniego’s final pieces in his seven-part series on the Nets Draft takes a look at possible second rounders the Nets could take Thursday evening at Barclays Center when they have two picks in the 40’s.

Get ready for Draft rumors! Are Nets pursuing 8th, 14th picks?!?

DLo in ‘now’ mode as movie about his draft decision debuts

New name on Draft horizon?

How workouts will help Nets next year ... and ‘third round’ this year

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – 3&D Candidates, Part 2

With rumors afoot, Sir Charles is pulling out all the stops, creating Draft Cards for all possibilities. We are working him hard.

Sorting out the trade rumors. What you like?

DRAFT WATCH No. 9 - Some news with a week to go

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – 3&D Candidates, Part 1

Our Man Maniego is back with another part of his awesome Draft Guide, this one focused on 3&D guys you may appeal to the Nets, no matter where they pick.

Nets get high marks in ESPN Draft Analytics ranking

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide - Fitting the Mold, Part 2

More of our man Maniego’s system fits in this year’s NBA Draft class.

MOMENT: The Iceman cometh? A look at Tryggvi Hlinason

As part of his film studies of Draft prospects, Nick LeTourneau takes a look at the northernmost prospect in the 2018 NBA Draft, Tryggvi Hlinason, the Icelandic 7-footer.

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide - Fitting the Mold, Part 1

Our man Maniego is back for the latest in his Draft Guide, this time looking at players who fit the Nets mold. All that text PLUS the Draft Cards.

MOMENT: Dzanan Musa on Nets radar

All indications are that Musa is indeed someone the Nets are interested in. Sean Marks personally scouted him in Europe in March and he tweeted Friday he’s in New York for workouts. Nick LeTourneau looks at whether he’s a fit.

Nets have worked out 60 prospects with two weeks to go

As the NBA Draft looms, we’ll keep updating this list of college and international prospects who’ve worked out for Brooklyn.

DRAFT WATCH No. 8 - Getting closer, but ...

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – Safe Bets, Part 1

We’re dividing the Safe Bets in our Draft Guide into two categories: those who the Nets might like but fans aren’t that familiar with ... and those who we all know. This is the first group.

MOMENT: Nets draft prospect Josh Okogie of Georgia Tech

With the Draft 15 days away, Nick LeTourneau has begun offering Twitter Moments on some prospects who could wind up wearing a Nets cap at Barclays Center. Here’s his first...

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 116

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – High Upside, Part 2

Wait, there’s more! Here’s Part II of Charles Maniego’s High Upside prospects. Like we’ve said, Sir Charles will be posting Draft previews every Tuesday and Thursday.

Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide – High Upside, Part 1

Charles in Charge! Sir Charles! aka Charles Maniego has posted the second of his seven-part Pre-Draft series, complete with PLAYER CARDS! Today, it’s High Upside, Part 1.

Could Nets buy a late pick? Sure, but would they?

DRAFT WATCH No. 7 - New names in a new round-up

Brooklyn Nets 2018 NBA Draft Guide – Big Questions

Charles Maniego is back. Our NBA Draft analyst begins a seven-part series on what to expect in three weeks.June 21. Seven parts! Seven!


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