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Jacob Wiley powers up: A video analysis

Nicholas LeTourneau continues his look at players Sean Marks has invited to Nets training camp. Today, it’s Jacob Wiley from Eastern Washington.

Brooklyn Nets Media Day Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Jacob Wiley might be the most intriguing undrafted free agent in recent memory. Standing at 6'8" and boasting a 7'0" wingspan, the former NAIA turned Eastern Washington University standout has the length, athleticism, and skills to be a diamond in the rough for a Brooklyn Nets team that needs to bolster their frontcourt rotation. Not bad for someone who walked away from basketball after one college season before returning.

Wiley will need to add some weight and prove that he belongs in the NBA during training camp, but given that he signed a two-way deal, chances are we will see him in Brooklyn at some point this season.

If nothing else, Wiley will be an exciting addition to the Long Island Nets.