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Confused by two-way deals? ... and what’s an Exhibit 10?

Brooklyn Nets Media Day Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Bobby Marks can help you out. In an ESPN Insider story on what to watch in each team’s camp, Marks first gives a tutorial on the two-way deals with the G League ... and a new wrinkle in training camp contracts, the Exhibit 10.

Here’s his summary...

There are 50 players who have signed a contract with the Exhibit 10, a new type of deal in the most recent collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

A player who is signed to a contract with an Exhibit 10 will receive a bonus up to $50,000 if he signs a contract with the team's G League affiliate upon being waived from the parent club.

However, there is a catch. A player waived by Oct. 17 must report to his G League affiliate by Oct. 20 and remain there for at least 60 days to receive the bonus (in addition to the G League salary). Unlike last season, when a team would incur a salary-cap hit for players with partially guaranteed money who were eventually waived at the end of training camp, an NBA team will not have a cap charge for the bonus money awarded.

A player signed with an Exhibit 10 can also be converted to a two-way contract by the first day of the regular season. The bonus would then be rescinded and the two-way contract would apply.

Now who does that apply to on the Nets? Yakuba Ouattara and Jake Wiley are the two-ways. The two-way is more lucrative for the player.

A team can call up a two-way as an active or inactive player for up to 45 days during the regular season. Besides his $75,000 G League salary, the two-way would also earn a prorated minimum per-day salary of $4,608 if he is called up. But once the 45 days —not 45 games— expire, the player would either have to be sent back to the G League or have his contract converted to a minimum salary. Converting the contract would require a team to have an open roster spot.

And yes, a two-way can be cut in training camp ... another player can signed to a two-way deal.

The Nets have three Exhibit 10 players, Jeremy Senglin, Milton Doyle, and Akil Mitchell. All three have the $50,000 guarantee Bobby Marks mentioned in their deals. They are almost certainly destined for Long Island as well. They can, if they want, go overseas after they’re waived, but if they want to stay in the G League, Long Island here they come.

Can a player on a two-way be downgraded to an Exhibit 10? No. Can a player be upgraded from an Exhibit 10 to a more lucrative two-way? Yes, if there is a two-way contract open.

Bottom line for the Nets? Expect a lot of movement between Brooklyn and Long Island this season. The new provision permits a lot of flexibility.

Also, nothing has changed with regard to players with NBA contracts being assigned to the G League. Any player with three or fewer years service can be sent down. In the Nets case, that applies to everyone from Jarrett Allen to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. RHJ, of course, is not bound for Uniondale.

As for Allen, Marks notes...

The No. 22 pick in this year's draft is a mystery after missing Summer League because of a hip injury. Now that he's healthy, the three-week stretch in training camp should be a good indicator if Allen is on the bench in Brooklyn when the seasons starts or with the Nets' G League team in Long Island.

As of last week, Allen told our Anthony Puccio that the Nets had still not talked with him about the G League. And the way they talk about him, the Nets braintrust may very well keep the 19-year-old in Brooklyn.