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Jeremy Lin quietly buys suits for Nets’ teammates, coaches

Look good, feel good... play good (or is it play well?). Doesn’t matter. Jeremy Lin thinks it will work.

The Nets spent time in the fitting room as well as the locker room at the U.S. Naval Academy Tuesday.

Lin is buying suits for players, coaches, video coordinators, physical therapists, and security guards, and Tuesday, they started being fitted for their big-and-talls. Abe Ndoye, who has been Lin’s tailor since he played in Houston, began the first of three days of measuring and advising. He needs the time because, by our count, nearly 40 people will suit up.

Ndoye posted photos with Kenny Atkinson and some of the team’s wings: Spencer Dinwiddie, D’Angelo Russell, Caris LeVert and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

Lin didn’t want any publicity for the effort, but word got out.

“Dang, this is not supposed to be public information. I did it last year as well,” Lin told NetsDaily at Media Day. “It’s just something that, especially the rookies, ‘Let’s get them a nice, fresh suit going into the season so they can have one.’”

“It’s cool because this (tailor) is a guy I know and trust from my time in Houston. He does a great job, and he can custom the inside with pictures, so if you want pictures of your family, significant dates, you can create the inside of your jacket however you want. So, that’s what some of the players are doing. It’s a fun little thing, making sure everyone starts off the season looking good.”

Quincy Acy did something similar for his D-League (now the G League) team last season when he was acquired by the Nets. He bought $250 gift cards and brand-new shoes for his teammates and coaching staff of the Texas Legends. Kevin Garnett used to do it for rookies.

“It’s dope. That’s really dope of him,” Quincy Acy told NetsDaily. “Whenever you have guys like that that do things for the team I think that kind of brings us together, gels us and makes us close. We love Jeremy for that and I think that’s sending a message to everybody that we all need to buy in.”

“Amazing. He’s a great teammate,” D’Angelo Russell said. “For him to do that, that’s big time because I know how expensive suits are, so I appreciate him and I would think the other guys appreciate him also.”

It certainly can’t hurt.