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Dinwiddie to auction game-worn items to raise money for scholarships

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Dinwiddie announced via Twitter Sunday that he had a “surprise” for everyone at Media Day. Dinwiddie unveiled the surprise and explained a unique plan: he will auction off game-worn signed items in an effort to raise money for a four-year scholarship program.

He explained that stability in his career enabled him to do something like this.

“One of my personal goals this year is to play in all 82 games and that would afford me the opportunity to, after every game, sign a game-worn item from that game, auction it off with all proceeds going to scholarship funds in my foundation and in that inaugural scholarship program, sending a kid -- or kids -- to college and make it a four-year scholarship program. To my knowledge it would be the first of its kind. I’m hoping to actually have my teammates buy into that as well. If they want to donate items, game-worn signed items as well. That’s my plan, that’s my surprise.”

He’s going to need the help of his teammates in order for this to work, and shouldn't surprise anyone if they all buy in and help him out. That’s how things seem to work on this team.

It would be even better if players from other teams bought into this as well, especially marquee names like LeBron James and whoever else would like to help the cause. The more, the better.

Dinwiddie believes too many kids in this country are deprived the right to education due to their economic situations. Everybody deserves equal opportunity.

Hopefully others will buy in and help him out.

The program is being administered by his personal foundation, the Dinwiddie Family Foundation.