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DLo High School coach: “I’d be stunned if he’s not a five-time All-Star”

Kevin Boyle, whose St. Patrick’s and Monteverde Academy teams have produced multiple NBA players like Kyrie Irving, Joel Embiid and D’Angelo Russell, thinks Russell has the potential to be an all-star now that he’s out of the L.A. limelight.

“Brooklyn’s a great situation. I’d be stunned if he’s not a five-time All-Star,” Boyle told Brian Lewis. “D’Angelo’s going to be a star in New York.”

With the trade of Carmelo Anthony, the top players in New York are Kristaps Porzingis, Jeremy Lin and Russell.

His Dyckman Park game in the middle of the summer started the star-making process, Boyle said. Now it’s up to him to finish it.

"I’ve been telling him, ‘Make sure you embrace the community. New Yorkers are great people. They want somebody they can touch. [Make sure] it’s true, it’s genuine, it’s real. Do that, you’ll have a great career. They’re waiting for somebody to step up: You have that opportunity.’

Boyle added that DLo could be a “foundation” piece for Brooklyn.

“They’ve been struggling, not winning as much as they want. Being a young player, if you can handle the losing, you can grow with this, be one of the main foundations — if not the main piece — that builds a playoff team.”

He’s by no means a finished product, Boyle noted.

“He’s got to get after it more, get stronger,” Boyle said. “I tell him not just be one of the better offensive players, but you’ve got to control people on defense if you’re going to get where you want in the playoffs.”

There’s that P word again.