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Milton Doyle’s chances: A video analysis

Nicholas LeTourneau continues his look at players Sean Marks has invited to Nets training camp. Today, it’s shooting guard Milton Doyle of Chicago Loyola.

Brooklyn Nets

Milton Doyle is a bit older than your average rookie camp invite. He’s closing in on 24. But he’s also a mature, four-year college player from Chicago Loyola who played well at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, then in the Las Vegas Summer League.

A good shooter who also knows his way around the basket, Doyle surprised. The 6’4” shooting guard played well for Brooklyn in Vegas, averaging 10.5 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists. He showed some defensive skills and a deft shooting touch. His performance was good enough to get him a training camp invite and a small guarantee even before Summer League finished up.

As Nick LeTourneau shows us, Doyle will have a tough time making the big club, but he has the skills the Nets like. A 3-and-D guy?

One other thing. He’s aggressive.