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EXCLUSIVE: The Glue Guys - The Billy King Interview

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Brooklyn Nets Press Conference Announcing Firing Of Head Coach Avery Johnson Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The Glue Guys talk with former Nets GM Billy King about his time with the team. We spent a good bit on the Kevin Garnett-Paul Pierce trade: how it originally started with just Pierce, and mushroomed into more — why the deal was made, what Garnett and Pierce brought to the team, why the Nets ultimately did not re-sign Pierce, and Billy's biggest regret involving the trade.

Other topics covered include: Nets attempted to trade for Chris Paul before Deron Williams, the Dwightmare, the reasoning behind the Gerald Wallace trade, clashing with Jason Kidd, working with Prokhorov and Billy's thoughts on what Marks and Atkinson are now doing with the team.

6:00 The Vision Billy sold to Mikhail Prokhorov

7:00 Going after Chris Paul before Deron Williams

8:45 The Dwightmare from the Nets perspective

10:45 The Gerald Wallace trade and feeling pressure from Deron

13:30 The Celtics Trade

17:45 Why Paul Pierce wasn't re-signed

21:15 How Deron felt about playing with Garnett and Pierce

23:30 Biggest regret of the Celtics deal

25:00 Wouldn't have made the trade if he knew he couldn't re-sign Pierce

25:40 Says he still doesn't understand the clash with Jason Kidd

26:30 Working with the Russian ownership

30:00 Biggest wish was if they had gotten Dwight Howard

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