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Jarrett Allen on DLo, his game, a growth spurt, neighbors and “Grit”

Anthony Puccio got a chance to talk with Jarrett Allen Saturday before Brooklyn back-to-school event. Here’s a quick summary of what the Nets rookie told Pooch. More later.

Anthony Puccio/NetsDaily

Jarrett Allen interview quotes:

We didn’t get to see you in Summer League. What should we be excited about?

“Being 6’10” and athletic I’ll be doing a lot of pick-and -rolls with D’Angelo [Russell] – set him good screens, roll to the basket or pop and let him do his work and lob it up to me eventually.”

You bring up D’Angelo. What do you see from him?

“Nothing but good things. He’s great with the ball, makes good decisions and makes really good passes. He’s going to find me.”

2nd youngest player drafted by the Nets. Think you’re still growing?

(Laughs) “I definitely think I’m still growing. Back at home my mom always says, ‘You got taller,’ so that’s always a good sign when your mom says that.”

Walk me through the culture and what it means to you from a basketball and business perspective...

“What culture means to me is that everybody is on the same page and everybody is fighting for the right thing. From a business standpoint, if you don’t have the right culture then you can’t strive for what you want. People like Golden State, the Spurs, all great teams all have a culture and that’s what we’re trying to bring to Brooklyn.”

Walk me through the process of the Nets and sports science, the structure, what they monitor…

“They honestly monitor everything. We put something on our backs and it measures how we’re doing, very in depth, with how we’re training and how we’re recovering.”

Have they spoken to you about the G-League?

“No. Not yet.”

Anybody take you under their wing since moving here?

“No, not really. I’m still trying to get a feel. I talk to Jeremy [Lin] and Quincy [Acy] a lot because they live close to me, so just talking to them helps.”

Who has impressed the most?

“I don’t know yet. I’m still feeling everybody out.”

What do you want the Nets’ M.O. to be?

“Of course we’re gonna have more grit than you. It’s Brooklyn!”