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Take care, cut ya hair: Jarrett Allen hosts “Back to School Haircuts” in Brooklyn

Jarrett Allen paid for haircuts and gave away school supplies at Levels Barbershop in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nets

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Nets rookie Jarrett Allen was at Levels Barbershop in Brooklyn, Saturday afternoon. No, the man with the afro was not getting HIS hair cut, but rather paying for kids’ haircuts and handing out school supplies, courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets.

Close to 50 kids showed up — ages ranging from 6-18 years-old to get a fresh cut and meet one of Brooklyn’s newest residents. The kids had fun with Allen, asking him questions like how big his feet are and whether or not he was getting a haircut. (By the way, he’s only interested in getting a shape up.)

The old-school R&B music was thumping and the environment was simple ... yet refreshing ... much like Allen himself. Here’s some images and videos of the day.

Start with gallery....

...And a special message to Nets fans within the NetsDaily community...

Allen’s agent, Derrick Powell, tells us that we should expect more events within the community because “That’s the way Jarrett is.”

Good on him.