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Nets Hoodie: the next big thing?

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The NBA and the Nets are switching from Adidas to Nike and in the process, Nike is altering all 30 teams’ jerseys in some fashion. The Nets’ jersey changes have been minimal, a middle waist logo on the shorts, a diagonal line where a straight one had been ... but they’re said to have a new alternative coming out.

The thing that’s grabbed everybody’s attention in the Nets’ community is this hoodie D’Angelo Russell and Isaiah Whitehead were seen wearing on social media.

Everybody wants to know: what is this hoodie and where can they get it? Unfortunately, there’s no internet trace of it being sold (yet), but it looks like we found what it’s based on thanks to NBA 2K18: Brooklyn’s new Nike practice jerseys.

The Nets and the rest of the league market gear by calling them ‘on-court’ apparel. They sell the design on several things: t-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts and more.

The first picture of the hoodie was posted by fashionista, D’Angelo Russell. (What’s with the boom box, by the way?)

Then, the Nets posted this picture of Isaiah Whitehead (more a workhorse than a show horse) on their Twitter account.

It’s simple, but it’s hip, and the Nike logo looks good in black and white. That is, after all, how the Nets have marketed their brand. Nothing too flashy. The colors and the city on the chest tell the story.

As Jay-Z said, when he pushed the NBA to approve the black-and-white motif, the Nets should have something simple, but iconic, like the Yankees pinstripes.