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Nets to play Thunder, Heat in Mexico City

With the NBA schedule starting to leak out piecemeal, a columnist for Mexico City’s El Universal reports the Nets will play the Thunder and Heat on Thursday, December 7, and Saturday, December 9, in the Mexican capital.

Paulina Benavente tweeted out the report, complete with what looks like an official NBA graphic, on Tuesday.

It’s the first word of the dates that Brooklyn will play south of the border. Also, while early reports had the Nets playing the Thunder and Spurs, Benavente says the competition will be OKC and Miami.

The games will be played at Mexico City’s Ciudad Mexico Arena.

The NBA has hosted games in Mexico over the years as part of its international branding, but until recently, the games have been preseason affairs. Earlier reports suggest that the two games will be considered Nets home games, apparently reducing the number of their home contests from 41 to 39.

The Suns played the Spurs and Mavericks last season in Mexico City. More than 20,000 fans showed up for each game, setting an attendance record for games played outside the U.S. and Canada.