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D’Angelo Russell talks Magic’s comments, Nets, NYC basketball on WFAN

D’Angelo Russell sat in on the Joe and Evan show on WFAN and discussed the past and his current situation.

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D’Angelo Russell was featured on WFAN with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Thursday where they discussed several topics — from the game winner at Dyckman to headlining as a two stars in New York City.

From the interview...

On Dyckman game-winner:

“Oh man it was a heck of an experience. Nike did a great job of putting that together. And then, New York of course, put the atmosphere together. Those guys were really talking the whole game and then – I just couldn’t imagine if I missed that shot… how crazy it even got before the shot.”

Think you got a fair deal with Lakers?

“It’s business, man. That’s how I got to look at it. A lot of things happen in this league and you don’t agree with it or however you may feel about it and at the end of the day realize it’s business.”

First reaction to the trade:

“I was excited. I was excited to get a new opportunity to start over, but it definitely caught me off guard. You see guys get traded you never think it would have to be you until it does. New step for me.”

About Nets as a team and being the cornerstone:

“I think we have an underrated group of guys; we have a good group of vets sprinkled in there and then we got some young talent that still got urgency so I feel like we can definitely put something together.”

Chemistry developing in the summer with new teammates?

“Yeah I think this is where it starts… in the summertime. Like you said I was playing with two of my teammates [at Dyckman]. Just being around the guys is where it starts so I try to be around the guys as much as possible.”

Talk about D’Angelo Russell’s game:

“I try to play heady. That’s really my main focus going out there heady, competitor and what comes with that is the smaller things. Little tactics – try to be the point guard, try to outsmart the next guy, try to finish out games. That’s where I’d say my strengths are.”

Biggest thing learned in LA:

“That was my first stop. I got drafted to LA. All I knew was LA. I didn’t really get to see the ‘other side’ – the East coast and stuff like that. So just being that far away from home helped me realize that things were different, so you got to do things different. It was a heck of an experience for me. It ended the way it ended so I can’t really complain.”

Pressure being the 2nd overall pick?

“No I wouldn’t say that. I feel like it was deserved. I guess the outcome of our season made the pressure bigger than what it was. Nah I thought it was deserved.”

Bothered by Magic Johnson’s comments?

“I mean, it is what it is. They’re the Lakers, we’re the Nets. There is nothing we can control over there and there is nothing they can control over here. I don’t really like looking back and speaking on that. There’s nothing to really bring about.”

Extra juice playing against the Lakers?

“Oh I got extra juice against everybody I play this year, honestly. This sounds clichéd but it’s the truth.”

On being one of the two big stars in NYC with Porzingis:

“I feel like we both have young teams trying to the team back on the map or give them that buzz that they deserve. New York fans want that. Nets or Knicks. Jets or Giants. Whoever it is they want to be able to brag about their team.”