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D’Angelo Russell is the ‘face’ of the Nets in NBA 2K18 trailer

The trailer for NBA 2K18 has been released and the talk for Nets fans has been D’Angelo Russell, who was shown in the preview a couple of times reppin’ the black and white. Mozgov made a short appearance as well.

Of course, zero Nets were in the preview last year, so Russell gives them a little relevance. He was in the preview as a Laker in 2K17.

He’s a popular player among the younger crowd of people playing these games, as we’ve written. It’s also great for marketeers looking to build a new fanbase. It’s not bad for the team either to nab a 21-year-old who can be a big part of the rebuilding process.

Of course, the only way to sustain this ‘likeability’ is performing on the court, individually and as a team.

As for Nets player ratings, we know Russell is an 80, Sean Kilpatrick is a 74 and Spencer Dinwiddie and Isaiah Whitehead are a 73. It can all be tracked.