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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fast.

Two and a half hours after the Wizards matched the Nets bid for Otto Porter, Sean Marks executed a salary dump that will bring DeMarre Carroll, a 6’8” small forward, and two picks in the 2018 Draft —a first and a second— in return for Justin Hamilton, the Nets back-up center. The first rounder is lottery protected. The second is the less favorable of two picks likely to be high second rounders, either the Lakers or Magic.

Prior to the agreement early Sunday, the Nets had neither a first nor a second in next year’s Draft. Their first goes to Boston, the final payment in the 2013 trade that brought Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets.

The net effect on Brooklyn’s salary cap is a reduction of $11.8 million, leaving the Nets a bit less than $20 million in remaining cap space, depending on remaining team options and further moves.

Adrian Wojnarowski first reported the agreement shortly after midnight Sunday.

Although Marks and Toronto GM Masai Ujiri were seen talking Saturday night at the Las Vegas Summer League, the deal apparently been in the works for more than a week. Last Saturday, Woj was on ESPN’s Free Agency Special, talking about a salary dump between the Nets and Raptors...

“The other thing Toronto is trying to do is get salary off. DeMarre Carroll is a player Toronto has talked to several teams and teams who have (cap space). We talked earlier about Phoenix being in a position to take on a contracts like Carroll's and maybe try to get an asset with it.

Brooklyn remains in that space. They did it with Mozgov. That's Brooklyn's way to get draft picks, to try to get young players is to take on contract but Carroll's contract is big and Toronto doesn't have great draft assets, especially if theyre going to bring everybody back and want to be good. What's a pick in the mid-20's or in the late 20's to take on that money. So those are all things that teams are weighing.”

The additional assets Marks squeezed out of Ujiri were the second rounder and the added cap space provided by the inclusion of Hamilton. For the Raptors, the deal got them near the luxury tax threshold and permitted them later Sunday, to trade Corey Joseph, their back-up point guard to Indiana for C.J. Miles.

The Nets of course had already played this game with the Lakers, taking on Timofey Mozgov’s contract, with its $48 million still owed, to acquire D’Angelo Russell, the price L.A. had to pay for its past profligacy. Brook Lopez’s expiring deal went to Los Angeles in that exchange.

Carroll averaged 8.9 points, grabbed 3.8 rebounds and shot 34.1 percent from three in 72 games, all starts. He’s owed $30.2 million over two, $14.8 million next season. The 30-year-old will have a chance to become the Nets' starting small forward and will fill the veteran’s role on a young team. Kenny Atkinson coached Carroll as an assistant with the Hawks and holds a “strong affinity” for him, Woj reported.

Atkinson spoke earlier Saturday about the need for veterans on a team with seven players 24 or younger.

“Sure, I think it’s possible,” Atkinson said then about adding veterans. “We’ve got to see how things play out with everything, but I do think [Marks and I] both agree that we don’t want to go in with a totally young roster. We do need that veteran support. If it’s the right position where somebody can help us, it’s definitely something [to consider].”

And they did.