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Falling in and out of love with Otto Porter? Is it worth it?

NBA: Washington Wizards at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Just wanted to make sure we got this in before the Washington Wizards decide whether to match the Nets’ four-year $106 million offer sheet to Otto Porter.

You have 48 hours to fall in love with, and (probably) divorce, this idea of Porter-as-a-Net.

On Tuesday, DC-based ESPN Radio host Clinton Yates, a noted Washington Wizards fan, and longtime NBA center Ryan Hollins, who made one of his nine NBA stops in Washington, made you understand why this affair could. Porter is a Nets kinda guy.

Basically, they portrayed a player who’s everything Sean Marks likes in a prospect, placing character and human decency at the top of traits needed to become a Net. Marks saw it in Jeremy Lin, in Caris LeVert, even Jarrett Allen. And now, for at least a while, in Porter

Per Yates and Hollins, who filled in on the Dan LeBatard show this morning, that’s what Porter is all about.

“I call him ‘my guy,’ but I mean he is one of the most wholesome, best guys,” offered Hollins of Porter in a complement. “Always happy, happy go-lucky. (One of the most) down to earth people in the NBA. You forget he’s an NBA player after a while. No shame to any other NBA guys but he’s got a wisdom above his years and he’s really deserving of this money. He’s a hard worker, shot the ball really well from three. I’m happy for him. Otto Porter is winning!

For Yates, who, as a DC native, has followed Porter since his days at Georgetown, the sentiments were similar.

“He’s a good player, I liked him ever since he strapped on the greys and blues since he was a Georgetown Hoya,” he said. “I think you’re right, his leverage here is in the squad it’s not necessarily just him as a player.”

That being said, the co-hosts for the day disagreed as to whether or not the “Zardos” (as Yates affectionately refers to his Wizards) should match the Nets’ ambitious offer sheet.

Yates says, let him walk, for both their sakes.

“From a flexibility standpoint – you’ve got to let Otto walk if the only team trying to max him out is the worst team in the league,” Yates said. “I would not feel this way if it not for John Wall, when trying to recruit Paul George, very much put Otto on front street as the person he thought was expendable in this entire equation.

“That matters to me – that’s the downside of what he (Wall) said about Otto. He made it clear that if anybody had to go, the most important player on the team thought it was Otto.”

Hollins responded with his take as to why the Wizards should keep Porter to ride with Wall and Bradley Beal. That would be a negative (or positive depending on your view) for Brooklyn.

“I hear what you’re saying, but who else are you going to get?” Hollins asked. “They have Kelly (Oubre) behind him (Porter), that might make sense, but now you’re picking between the two? Do you save another year? Could you afford to let your young talent walk? These are the reasons these guys have Bird Rights. These are the reasons that they (the Wizards) have the opportunity to match.”

“I get it, I understand it, but you could have Otto for the next few years,” added Hollins, who also indicated that he’d rather have Paul George for the same contract in a hypothetical scenario, which is now a moot point. “Paul George is likely going to get out and come back home to Los Angeles.”

So, in short, Porter fits the Nets culture, and of course, the “Markinson” system on and off the court. But, this may be an irrelevant piece in 24 hours if the Wizards match the massive contract.

We told ya. You have 48 hours. Or maybe a lot longer. Love is fickle. So are NBA owners.