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How much cap space is left? As much as $19.5 million

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Capologists often have differing numbers on how much a team has available in cap space. It’s supposed to be a science but sometimes it feels like art with many different interpretations.

That’s no different with the Nets, but Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders tweets Wednesday that after the Toronto trade and decision to keep Quincy Acy, the Nets could have close to $20 million still available.

The $19.5 million number can be reached if the Nets decide against keeping the non-guaranteed deals of Spencer Dinwiddie and Archie Goodwin, the two of whom make about $3 million between them. Dinwiddie has a $50,000 between now and Opening Night. Goodwin has none. It’s hard to imagine the Nets dumping Dinwiddie, who played well at the end of last season and in summer league.

Of course, the Nets could try to trade one of their other assets to get further under the cap ... if that’s what they want to do.

The Nets are believed to waiting to see what other teams do before moving or essentially closing up shop for the summer. A number of teams want to get out from under big contracts and the Nets have executed three salary dumps since the trade deadline in February, taking on $98.1 million in deals other teams didn’t want.

Among the teams reportedly looking to dump big deals are the Bucks, Blazers and whoever might want to do a deal with the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

In addition to salary dumps, the Nets could be waiting on restricted free agency. A number of bigs —Nerlens Noel of Dallas, Mason Plumlee of Denver, Nikola Mirotic of Chicago and JaMychal Green of Memphis— are available, but almost certainly require an overpayment to dissuade their current teams from matching.

And as we’ve noted, Sean Marks might decide to do nothing and preserve space for next year’s free agency when as many as half the league’s teams could be in luxury tax territory.