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Quincy Acy (sort of) confirms he’s staying in Brooklyn... from his honeymoon?!

NBA: Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

You will find very few men that are on top of the world the way Quincy Acy is.

On the same day as his wedding day, the Nets retained Quincy Acy’s $1.71 million vets minimum deal that was to be guaranteed on Sunday. Members of the Nets performance team congratulated the couple, telling Acy they expect to see him in October.

He (sort of) confirmed when he retweeted this on Monday:

Acy was originally signed to a 10-day contract after stints with five teams in five years. It appears he’s found his home in Brooklyn. “Hard work is going to keep me on the court,” Acy told NetsDaily after his first game with the team. “That’s been my M.O. my whole career and I’m not going to change anything.”

And so he did. He landed two 10-day contracts and was extended until Sunday’s mid-July date. In 32 games with the team, Acy averaged 6.6 points and 3.3 rebounds in 16 minutes per game. The most improved area of his offensive game was his three-point shooting. He shot 43 percent on nearly three attempts per game. Prior to Brooklyn, he shot below 30 percent from three.

That wasn’t all. He came in and played a gritty style of basketball –diving after loose balls and banging down low.

Players respect him in the locker room and he’s always on his feet clapping cheering from the bench whenever someone makes a play.

All part of veteran leadership among a group of young guys:

These were some things to expect when he first came. The three-point ball? Not so much. Then, of course, there were the other things… like culture. Immediately after he signed the deal, the 26-year-old journeyman bought his former D-League teammates and staff $250 gift cards and pairs of shoes.

Acy and his son, Austin, are regulars at HSS Training Center and Barclays Center. He has fully embraced the family atmosphere that the Nets provide.

We've been up here since 9 am lol he's been on the court the whole time #HeGottaWorkOnThatLeftTho

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Don’t forget the hard-working philosophy Kenny Atkinson has preached since becoming head coach. He’s a big fan of Quincy.

“You feel it when he steps on the court,” Kenny Atkinson said in early March. “He has a level of aggressiveness and a level of competitiveness that we’re looking for. He’s pretty versatile… a much better shooter than I thought. He can pick and pop, but can also drive it to the rim and roll to the rim. I like what he brings defensively. He can guard multiple positions; he can switch onto guards because he’s quick enough and fast enough.

Needless to say, Quincy Acy has earned his keep in Brooklyn. You root for guys like him. He won the day and a whole lot more.